Located 28 kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta city, Kaliurang now has an enchanting cultural and natural tourism area that becomes en enjoyable place for family recreation. Parents may relax while keeping their children playing in the Play Ground. In an area of 10,000 meter square width, children can play swing, sliding, or swimming in a mini pool. Besides, in the play ground that is ornamented with the statue of a genie a la 1001 night stories and some kinds of animal, children can play mini cars or pass through a dragon statue by entering from its mouth and exiting from its tail. About 300 meters to the north east of the recreation garden, there is Plawangan Turgo garden. There is Tlogo Putri swimming pool of which water originates from a spring at the slope of Plawangan Hill. Playing swing or behaving playfully with the family in the garden will release tiredness among the green forest of the forestry department.

Walking along the east side, seeing some monkeys jumping and swinging on the branches, enjoying the chirp of birds in the sloping up path of layered stones and stairs as long as 900 meters can be a little tiring, but the top of Merapi Mountain viewed on a bright day from Pronojiwo Hill will replace the tiredness with admiration. On the way to the top of Pronojiwo Hill, YogYES had the opportunity to run race with Nick (47 years old), an English tourist. I won the race, but the feeling of being united with nature was more pleasant. Mineral water sold by the drink sellers will quench your thirst while seeing Merapi that stands amidst the green spread of the forest. Binocular is rent for IDR 3,000 per 30 minutes to see the Merapi Mountain more clearly. Arriving back to the garden, have relax at Tlogo Muncar to enjoy the waterfall. During rainy season, water will flow down swiftly. To enjoy the Kaliurang scenery, visitors may go around by a rabbit carriage that is most popularly called sepoer. This vehicle usually stands by in the parking lot in front of the food shops. The route is going around from the east to the west to encircle Kaliurang tourism area, passing through the viewing post on the west side where Merapi can be seen clearly on bright days. For minimum of seven people, each person will be charged IDR 3,000. For exclusive trip, the charge is IDR 20,000 per person with services like those for a nobleman. If you want to enjoy the coolness of the air and the quietness of the night at Kaliurang, there are many choices of villas, bungalows, and inns. The tariffs vary from IDR 25,000 to IDR 300,000. Some lodgings where you can stay are: Bukit Surya (most recommended), Puri Indah Inn (3-stars), and Wisma Sejahtera.

Before leaving, make sure that you buy gifts ranging from local fruits to special food namely tahu and tempe bacem (sweet, fried tofu and tempeh) and jadah (made from sticky rice and grated coconut). The green spread at the foot of Merapi Mountain, cool air and all natural, luxurious packages will release your tiredness and refresh you from the noise of the city. (YogYes.com)

It's about 45 Minutes
From Hotel Batik
(By Taxi)